Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is
on The Mag Mile®?

Lighthouses on The Mag Mile™ was a citywide public art display that showcased more than 51 six-feet-tall lighthouse sculptures, along North Michigan Avenue and in nearby communities during the summer of 2018.

What dates were the lighthouses on display?

The lighthouses were on display from June 19 through
August 11.

Who designed the sculptures?

The sculptures were created by talented national and local artists, many with disabilities.

Who is behind Lighthouses on
The Mag Mile®?

The effort was conducted by The Chicago Lighthouse in partnership with Huber Financial Advisors, LLC; and many other visionary businesses and individuals, including The Magnificent Mile® Association.

Lighthouse President & CEO Dr. Janet Szlyk developed the concept for the art display and spearheaded the entire initiative.

What is the purpose of Lighthouses on The Mag Mile®?

This public art display celebrated in dramatic and colorful fashion, access and inclusion.  The lighthouses serve as bright and shiny reminders that we all need to be beacons and champion those causes for people with disabilities.

In addition, visitors found the experience thought-provoking as they asked themselves the same question: “How can I be part of access and inclusion for people with disabilities?”

What other
key messages
do you hope to
get across?

The Chicago Lighthouse is issuing a clarion call to Chicago area employees to “be beacons for access and inclusion” and open their doors to greater opportunities for people with disabilities.

People with disabilities can do just about anything if given a chance and they make some of the most productive and competent employees around.

People with disabilities are a talented, reliable and productive component of the workforce who way too often are untapped.

The Chicago Lighthouse is issuing a clarion call to Chicago area employees to “be beacons for access and inclusion” and open their doors to greater opportunities for people with disabilities.

We all have a powerful role to play to make inclusion possible for people with disabilities. The challenge is to find your own sphere of influence and use it!

Be a Beacon!

The Magnificent Mile encompasses the 13-block stretch of North Michigan Avenue that runs from the banks of the Chicago River to the south, to Oak Street to the north. The Magnificent Mile district extends a full square mile from North Michigan Avenue, including east to the scenic lakefront.

With more than 460 stores, 275 restaurants, 60 hotels and unique entertainments and attractions packed and stacked along its length, The Magnificent Mile has an indulgence for every passion and every pocket. We invite you to explore everything the district has to offer. Visit for more information.

The Magnificent Mile Association owns, among others, the following United States Trademark Registrations and pending application: THE MAGNIFICENT MILE (Reg. No. 2439893), THE MAGNIFICENT MILE (Reg. No. 5174542); MILE AFTER MAGNIFICENT MILE (Reg. No. 3204411); RUN MAG MILE (Reg. No. 5392378); MAGNIFICENT MILE SHOPPING FESTIVAL (Reg. No. 4261714); and THE MAGNIFICENT MILE LIGHTS FESTIVAL (Reg. No. 2409899) (collectively referred to as the “Trademarks”).

what is the magnificent mile®?

Will happened to the lighthouses after the event ended on august 11?

Many of the lighthouses were sold on public auction, and some are still available for sale.

To browse available lighthouses, click here

Proceeds from all sales support the 39 Lighthouse programs serving people who are blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veterans.

What can i do to become involved?

We are eager to create a community of allies around this initiative.  We are encouraging everyone to share our message of access, inclusion and kindness across all communities and to be a beacon for people with disabilities.

how can i do something like lighthouses on the mag mile® in my community?

We are happy to send you a tool kit with insight on how to own your own public art display. To receive a toolkit, please contact:

Angela D’Antonio | Marketing Director
(312) 447-3246 |