Accessibility for People Who are Blind

Welcoming Art Lovers with Disabilities 

Onlookers snap a photo of one of the lighthouse sculptures now on The Mag Mile.

Thanks to the Aware Audible Wayfinding app and the team at Sensible Innovations, based in Springfield, Illinois has allowed access, for all, to those visiting our Lighthouses on the Mag Mile public art display.

By using iBeacons that are attached to each sculpture along with the Aware app, blind and visually impaired individuals are able to get a description and information about the sculpture. Details include how the sculpture looks, information about the artist, as well as other important background on the work of art. To access these descriptions, users simply need to download the FREE Aware app from the iTunes or Google Play stores onto their mobile device.

‘The iBeacons' signals trigger the app, which identifies the location, downloads the information and a text reader on the mobile device describes the environment. Ultimately, the Aware app allows access to information at the right time and place providing the visually impaired with the gift of independence and freedom, which will allow a person to explore at their own pace and without limits.”

For more information about Sensible Innovations and the Aware app visit or Self-guided tours of the lighthouses are also available for the general public by downloading Otocast- free at the App Store or Google Play. 

both apps available for FREE at the App Store or Google Play: